Friday, 22 March 2013

Vintique Tree on Facebook!

Hello Everyone!

Just to let you all know Vintique Tree is finally on facebook, so please give me a like an a share next time you are on there!

Hope you all have a fab weekend x

Monday, 18 March 2013

The perfect place for your haberdashery

Gorgeous vintage oak haberdashery cabinet... This cabinet is the perfect place to showcase your haberdashery bits and bobs, your collections of trinkets or even as a quirky storage drawer for your bedroom!

Great vintage original condition with just some scratching on the glass telling the story of years of shop use!

£850 collection only due to the weight of the item! Drop me a email at  if you are interested!

A shed full of vintage

I have been busy loading and unloading furniture all weekend getting ready for our first physical 'shop' opening next weekend!

Vintique Tree is now in Jackson of Twycross which sells luxury garden sheds and cabins as well as a variety of other things for your pets and garden.

The grand opening of the site is next Saturday but here is a sneak peek of the Vintique Tree cabin...

The grand opening of the site is next Saturday but here is a sneak peek of the Vintique Tree cabin...

Pretties in the Post!

Hello everyone

Just wanted to share with you my lovely present from Lazy Daisy Jones that arrived in the post today! It is probably THE best thing I have received in the post in a very long time!

My neighbour brought it round after accepting it for me off the postman and she loved the wrapping too...

I have NO excuses to start getting crafty now!

Thanks very much Daisy! x

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Treasure Book of Homemaking - Practical Advice from the past

I love this 1950's pins and needles book, the advice for newlyweds in it is brilliant!! I tell you, once we are married I will be consulting it if I ever need to know how to fix a cistern, weave a basket, make furniture, darn socks, make curtains, choose the right paint colours, construct a kitchen cabinet etc etc... teehee!

Some very valid advice!

I love this page, the room sets are just darling!

It is a fab book, will try and upload some more pictures and advice...blogger doesn't seem to want to upload any more pictures to this blog!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I give you this ring as a token of my love...

Hello everyone!

As promised here is some pictures of the vintage ring books I am making.

This one is for my own wedding, but I can make the bespoke for each couple, matching colours and themes, what ever you want really!

I made mine with vintage inspired paper but I am going to make some to buy un-personalised on my website in some of the lovely vintage fabrics I have.

Every book is vintage with a different title, age and genre!  I brought this one pictured for the title alone before I had the idea of making it into a ring book!!

All in all I love the idea off these books as an alternative to a ring pillow as they make great keep sakes and look pretty decorative long after the wedding.

Prices start from £20.00, I am updating my website later this evening so they will be available for order soon on

Happy Wednesday everyone! x

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weddings, crafting and showing things!

Hello everyone! My post is a little later than expected for one reason or another but here is a round up on a very busy weekend!

On Saturday my maid of honour surprised me with a trip to the National Wedding Show and an even better surprise was that she invited two of my other friends who I hadn't seen in ages...cue girly screaming!

 It is funny isn't it, how with some friends, it doesn't matter how much time has past you still get on like you saw each other yesterday!

Then to work, I attended a local wedding fair with mum as my spokesperson as I am still voiceless! where we set up stall displaying a few of our lovely bits and bobs of vintage crockery, it is so hard to pick out a few pieces, I always want to take everything, including the bike and the milk churn!!!

My nan and grandpa on their wedding day, took them along with me to the fair for luck! Everyone commented on how lovely they looked, my nan was thrilled!

Silly old me forgot to take the camera with me so images are off my phone! doh! All well they are not too bad I hope! This was the Vintique Tree stand in all its glory!

My hand made ring book turned out to be of most interest to many people, It is made out of vintage books, a much better keep sake than a pillow you dont know what to do with! They will be appearing on  in the near future!

I am also making some vintage fabric covered guest books which will be personalised to each wedding, to match themes, names and dates etc!

Keep posted, I will be showing you both the ring and guest book in a blog soon!
Hope everyone is having a good week! xxx 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Vintique Tree is officially online!!


Finally after weeks of work Vintique Tree is now online! It felt amazing to actually publish the site and see it here in cyber space!

So if any of you fancy a little look at what vintage lovelies are on offer please follow the link below!

Also if you haven't got time now I have added the link to my blog for future reference!

Thanks for your support already everyone, feels really nice to have encouragement off fellow bloggers!

Laura xxx

P.S tune in for pictures of my vintage hire wedding fair on tomorrows blog!