Monday, 6 January 2014

Thailand honeymoon

Its been a while since my last post!! I have been busy going on our belated honeymoon and then with christmas and a trip to tenerife for new year we have hardly been home let alone have time to blog!

I am aware my blog seems to be travel related recently but I like to use my blog like a diary so capturing all of our adventures is a must!

We honeymooned in Phuket Thailand for two weeks of blissful relaxation and new experiences. It was wonderful to see a different culture and the Thai people are so lovely and friendly it was almost embarrassing how much they waited on us in our hotel!  We pushed the boat out and stopped at Indigo Pearl in Phuket, a beautiful resort that paid hommage to Phukets history in Tin Mining with its luxury industrial style.  We took trips to James Bond Island went for a elephant ride and visited Big Buddha. A amazing honeymoon, with memories which will last forever...