Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Billy dog

I have fallen in love with this chap Billy whose is a friend of ours. How cute is he!!

A Parisian Broncante

These are some pictures from the Parisian broncante we visited when on our mini break to Paris. The stalls were laid out beautifully and I wanted EVERYTHING but the prices were sooo expensive compared to the UK I only returned with a vintage kids game. But a good time was had by all! the pictures are a bit shaky as it was on my iphone!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Paris is always a good idea

We took a little trip with some friends across the channel on the eurostar to Paris last weekend. It was a secret tripped planned by our men which was a lovely little surprise I must say!

Paris is one of my all time favourite cities, I love the buildings, the atmosphere and mostly importantly in my opinion the sweet treats that are available on every corner!! Luckily the friends we went with also had a super sweet tooth so we visited a place I had always wanted to visit, Angelina's. This old 'salon de the' was where the ladies that lunched went to be seen in their finery whilst eating cake. (how do the french woman stay so thin?! We came to the conclusion they dont eat all the bread in the bread basket then ask for seconds like we do!)  Anyhoo the hot chocolate was amazing, if a little sickly but defo worth a trip if you ever visit! Angelina's is just behind the Lourve park if you are interested in going!

Another happy coincidence was that the famous Paris Brocante was on whilst we were visiting, a great experience but I was astounded at the prices, extremely more expensive than the UK, I nearly keeled over when I asked the price of some monogramed french linen...£2500!! Whaaaat???

My favourite view of Paris is in the park to the side of the Sacre Couer in the Montmarte district. Unfortunately the weather was freezing and foggy so the view was a little hazy. The view is normally amazing and always makes me think of Audrey Hepburn, who had her photo taken whilst looking at the view back when she was making Paris when it sizzles, again something worth watching if you like your old movies!

As Audrey said 'Paris is always a good idea' xxx

Notre Dame and the bridge of love locks...

Inside Notre Dame is so impressive, a service was on the acoustics sounded fantastic when they started singing!

Angelina's beautiful place delicious food!

Artists square in montmart

big tip - Do not sit in this square for a coffee and a people watch! We paid 22 euro for just 4 hot drinks!! pretty but super pricey!

Cheeky graffiti in Pigalle by the moulin rouge! I noticed a lot of street art around the city...

Audrey checking out the view...