Friday, 30 August 2013

Make a Ritual everyday

I haven't blogged about a product before but I felt like I needed to share my new love for the company Rituals. They specialise in creating a home spa experience through there lovely products which are affordable and not tested on animals. I first came across the store in Palma in Mallorca. Firstly I was lured into the shop from the street by the amazing perfumery smell that made you feel like you were in a spa as soon as you stepped into the shop. All the assistants were dressed in spa like outfits and offered me some sample herbal tea. It was a lovely experience but as I am only a learner in Spanish I couldn't appreciate all the products as I couldn't read the ingredients! I left the Palma store with a Fabulous fragrance sticks for my home as a lovely souvenir, thinking I wish we had one of these local to home! I brought the refresing Eucalypyus and rosemary one! It leaves your rooms smelling beautiful for weeks.
Then I when to our local shopping centre in Leicester and there it was! A rituals store! I pulled my mum and auntie in with me and we began testing the products.

Again we were so impressed we each brought a few things, I got another diffuser, Sweet Sunrise, this time, (not as nice as the Eucalypyus and Rosemary one) and some Magic Touch body butter in cherry and rice milk. I have never! felt my skin so soft, it is literally THE best body butter I have ever come across and at £15.00 for a big pot, it is economical as it lasts forever!

I am definately going to update my bathroom cabinet with some more of these products. Next on the wishlist are:

 The Hammam ritual from the East is one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world. Rituals brings this unique experience into your own home with products that purify, soften, and nourish the skin.

If you like the look of Rituals... You should do!! Visit there website, I think they are doing a free gift promotion if you spend over £35 !

*Please not this is not a sponsored post, I just really love these products and what to share how lovely they are!!*

Monday, 26 August 2013

Bank holiday butterflies

Just sharing because they are beautiful and in my garden :-)... hope you all had a good bank holiday enjoy the rest of it!!

Oh I do like tea beside the seaside...

Last weekend we took a trip out to Anglesey. For our wedding we had the most amazing! gelato served by the friendly chap from Red Boat gelato based in Beaumaris. 
After much delibration and tasting! we chose three flavours for our big day, jammy dodger, ferro rocher and sticky toffee pudding. They were amazing and the guests were going back for seconds so they must have thought so too! Although because we had three flavours there were left overs (hooray) so we tripped up to Beaumaris to collect.

If you ever visit Red boat is a must!!

Another delicious treat can be had a Beau's Tea rooms . It is a delightful little place filled with homemade cakes and food (I recommend the cream tea yummy scones!) Whilst you enjoy your food you are tempted with vintage china and tea sets that decorate the windows and make a gorgeous display. Another place worth a visit!!

Tucked around a corner is this pretty litte court yard, this pink shop was my favourite full of lovely things for your home :-)

We stopped at Conwy on the way back

And the sun come out to say hello...

As did this seagull when he saw our fish and chips

Saturday, 24 August 2013

To market, to market!

We spent the day selling and sourcing at Newark ICAF, what a lovely day surrounded by friendly people!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you imagined

This weekend, marks the year anniversary of August 18th 2012 was when everything changed. My lovely fit uncle had a main brain haemorrhage. Our family pulled close to take the blow of the aftermath, he had a 3% chance of survival of surgery, we were told to say goodbye - but he survived. The rollacoaster continued another two times over the next couple of months whilst he was in intensive care - we were told to say goodbye again - but he survived.  Even the doctors said they couldn't believe how strong his will to live was. He is the bravest person I know, never once has he moaned or pitied his situation, Always smiling.

Now he bares the scars and is constantly healing but he is still here, living a life filled with renewed reverence. This event changed my whole family, the stress the strain, the fear and the relief, oh the relief.

If I have learnt anything from this awful experience it is that life should be filled with simple things that make you happy, family, friends, love. It is hard to feel content with your lot all of the time, but as long as you have air in your lungs and a smile on your face what else matters?!