Monday, 26 August 2013

Oh I do like tea beside the seaside...

Last weekend we took a trip out to Anglesey. For our wedding we had the most amazing! gelato served by the friendly chap from Red Boat gelato based in Beaumaris. 
After much delibration and tasting! we chose three flavours for our big day, jammy dodger, ferro rocher and sticky toffee pudding. They were amazing and the guests were going back for seconds so they must have thought so too! Although because we had three flavours there were left overs (hooray) so we tripped up to Beaumaris to collect.

If you ever visit Red boat is a must!!

Another delicious treat can be had a Beau's Tea rooms . It is a delightful little place filled with homemade cakes and food (I recommend the cream tea yummy scones!) Whilst you enjoy your food you are tempted with vintage china and tea sets that decorate the windows and make a gorgeous display. Another place worth a visit!!

Tucked around a corner is this pretty litte court yard, this pink shop was my favourite full of lovely things for your home :-)

We stopped at Conwy on the way back

And the sun come out to say hello...

As did this seagull when he saw our fish and chips

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  1. Even though I haven't even eaten my breakfast yet, I could really see myself tucking into that big bowl of ice cream !!
    Looks like a fab trip.
    Rosie xx