Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weddings, crafting and showing things!

Hello everyone! My post is a little later than expected for one reason or another but here is a round up on a very busy weekend!

On Saturday my maid of honour surprised me with a trip to the National Wedding Show and an even better surprise was that she invited two of my other friends who I hadn't seen in ages...cue girly screaming!

 It is funny isn't it, how with some friends, it doesn't matter how much time has past you still get on like you saw each other yesterday!

Then to work, I attended a local wedding fair with mum as my spokesperson as I am still voiceless! where we set up stall displaying a few of our lovely bits and bobs of vintage crockery, it is so hard to pick out a few pieces, I always want to take everything, including the bike and the milk churn!!!

My nan and grandpa on their wedding day, took them along with me to the fair for luck! Everyone commented on how lovely they looked, my nan was thrilled!

Silly old me forgot to take the camera with me so images are off my phone! doh! All well they are not too bad I hope! This was the Vintique Tree stand in all its glory!

My hand made ring book turned out to be of most interest to many people, It is made out of vintage books, a much better keep sake than a pillow you dont know what to do with! They will be appearing on www.vintiquetree.co.uk  in the near future!

I am also making some vintage fabric covered guest books which will be personalised to each wedding, to match themes, names and dates etc!

Keep posted, I will be showing you both the ring and guest book in a blog soon!
Hope everyone is having a good week! xxx 

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