Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Treasure Book of Homemaking - Practical Advice from the past

I love this 1950's pins and needles book, the advice for newlyweds in it is brilliant!! I tell you, once we are married I will be consulting it if I ever need to know how to fix a cistern, weave a basket, make furniture, darn socks, make curtains, choose the right paint colours, construct a kitchen cabinet etc etc... teehee!

Some very valid advice!

I love this page, the room sets are just darling!

It is a fab book, will try and upload some more pictures and advice...blogger doesn't seem to want to upload any more pictures to this blog!


  1. These sort of books are wonderful - I always think as well about the fact they were against the background of small hardware stores as opposed to the big DIY supermarkets we have nowadays. I wonder how many people took the room placements as literal inspiration? Jane x

    1. I know I recently when to a shop which was closing down after 102 years, I had never been before but felt really sad that the big supermarkets etc are forcing small places to shut down!