Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Vintique Tree the sapling

Hello! welcome to Vintique Tree's first official blog post.

Vintique Tree is a new project of mine and I want to share my experiences, adventures and vintage finds with you.

So a bit about me? Well I am Laura, the face behind Vintique Tree. After years of seeking out vintage goodies I decided that I am going to take the step from passionate interest into a lifestyle.

I live in leicestershire with my fiancee Paul and our british blue cat, George. Currently we are in the process of preparing for our wedding (vintage themed, naturally) in June of this year.

Come along with me as I learn what the successes and pitfalls are of setting up your own business, training in upholstery, planning a wedding and trying to control a overexcited grey cat every time you produce a packet of salt and vingar crisps.


  1. Nice start to your blog!
    Love the wedding prep and george is gorgeous...
    Thank you for joining me , I will follow along with you too if you add the google follow us button....!! do ask if you can't find it...and welcome to blogland
    daisy j

    1. Thanks very much!!

      I am new to blogging on blogger so I am just getting the hang of everything, thanks for the tip, I think I have done it now!

      Laura x

    2. Oh well done, so wanted to be first follower but liz beat me too it! looking forward to your next post...
      Daisy x