Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fabric Treasures

I have had an exciting day today, I have collect some item destined for my shop and for vintage hire from a 95 year old lady who is moving home.

From lovely old suitcases to chunky chests of drawers I have sourced some lovely finds to share in my shop soon.

The best surprise of the day though was when I opened up two of the old suitcases to find a treasure trove of vintage fabrics! From 1960's far out spots and flowers to elegant silks in purples and blues to meters of tweed I practically did a happy dance! The best pieces had to be the liberty fabrics still with their labels on and a beautiful piece of gold fabric covered in brightly coloured embroidery...

I felt a funny feeling whilst collecting the items and riffling through the fabric.  I started thinking about how much life a 95 year old had seen and experienced...I guess that is why I love vintage stuff so much, you couldn't buy a piece of furniture from a superstore that had a story behind it!



  1. Oh how lovely Laura!
    A bit sad too I know, but at least it will go to people who love it....
    Talking of which I would love some liberty fabric, where and when are you going to be selling it?
    I have so many vintage patterns that I'm dying to use this summer but havent fallen in love with any fabric yet?? decided its got to be liberty though...
    Bestest daisy xx
    Ps blogs looking good...

  2. Hello
    Thank you for finding me, you are very welcome
    Thea x

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere! It is so great to have you here.

    The fabric, luggage, et al - what lovely finds! I am sure they will find new loving homes :)

  4. Oh wow, I'm speechless! Such beautiful fabrics x

  5. How unbelievably lucky you were to find all those gorgeous fabrics. How come these things never happen to me!!!! I'm so jealous right now.
    Thanks for popping over to my blog. I really like yours. It is really beautiful.

    1. It never normally happens to me either I never normally lucky!x

  6. Wow - what an amazing collection of fabric - amazing!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Beautiful and what a great surprise ... thanks for popping by and visiting me earlier ... looking forward to more posts ... are you opening an online shop ... Bee xx

    1. Thanks, I thought your blog was lovely!
      Yes I am just in the process of building it and getting some stock together! X

  8. I love collecting items from elderly women, too. We try to recreate, when they actually lived it. All of that fabric is so nice!