Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Things to draw a smile

Today I am not having a good day! You know one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? arrgh!

So to try and turn it round I though I would share with you some things that make me happy with the aim of cheering myself up along with any others who feel that midweek blah feeling!!

All pictures were taken on my iphone...

happiness = Very windy October day at Portland Bill Lighthouse

happiness = blue skies...and a cloud shaped like a dolphin, can you see it?!

happiness = Sunshine through the trees in a french forest

happiness = A beach all to yourself...Oh hum, wish I was here, french beach :-(

happiness = sand in between your toes on a Barbados beach...

happiness = The glorious smell of blue bells in the welsh hills 

happiness = Talking homemade gingerbread men

happiness = A pet to cuddle

happiness = the look on George's face

happiness = Someone bringing homemade cupcakes into the office! YES!

happiness = One of your favourite movies


Happiness is cutting into a watermelon and it smiling at you on a miserable rainy Wednesday!!


  1. What gorgeous happy pictures ... guaranteed to raise a smile ... I love the bluebells ... they are one of my all time favourite flowers ... Bee xx

  2. I am sure you must have been cheered up, by looking through your happy pictures
    thank you for sharing
    Thea x

  3. These are really beautiful pictures. No wonder that these things put a smile on your face. How I would love to be on that beach with the sand between my toes. Ahhhhh heaven.

  4. Oh that beach is gorgeous! I miss the sunshine, holiday booking time soon x

  5. Those ARE happy images and, now, I'm smiling, too! Thanks for the little cheer-me-up. Jan

  6. I love all of these happy things. The gingerbread people made me laugh . . . and yes - Roman Holiday is one of the best movies ever.