Sunday, 6 October 2013

Fruits of the season

I love blackberries! We have a gazillion of them at our new home!
There is nothing lovelier than picking blackberries from the hedgerows in the autumn. My mum and I spend some time picking through the prickles to get to the wild berries, these in the picture are from pinterest, I forgot to photograph! Wild organic straight from the hedge blackberries in my experience are never this big but are so sweet and delicious they do make up for it! We got some cooking apples from a generous local farmer recently so I feel a blackberry and apple pie or crumble coming on! 

It is nice to do something that is a ritual of the past, it brings back happy childhood memories of stained hands and war wounds from tripping over brambles. Hope you all had a good weekend :-)

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  1. I love blackberry picking ... gorgeous childhood memories ... Bee xx