Sunday, 6 October 2013

Dracula's seaside home

For my birthday my hubby treated me to a weekend away to Whitby and York, two places I have always wanted to go and had never been. What a weekend, full of scampi (obviously) in Whitby and fat rascals (a scone/rock cake) in York. Amazing! Both places are defo worth a visit, both have fab food, ace views and yummy food! I took soo many pictures I am splitting them, these are the ones from Whitby! York will follow ;-)

Whitby is known for Dracula, and its massive goth weekend as well as its amazing scampi!  I was really surprised at how lovely it is and how far the beautiful beach stretched, would be nice on a hot sunny day!

We had scampi and chips here, the Magpie Cafe is in this years Good Food Guide, and I can agree yum yum!

The Shepherds Purse, a wonderful shop, I was super excited as I follow them on facebook but had no idea they were in whitby! We brought some rose and lotus flower loose leaf tea to try!

I would love to have my palm read but they were shut boo!!

Finally The Abbey which was inspiration for Dracula, you can see why it was misty on our way down to Whitby, it look really eerie through the fog!


  1. Your post has really brought back memories. I haven't been to Whitby for over 30 years. I was with my Nan at the time. I can remember going around the grounds and feeling quite intimidated by the nooks and crannies around this building. However, the bright shops and the fish and chips made it feel all better. Thanks for the reminder and looking forward to your York post. xx

    1. Ahh seaside memories :-) I cant believe I had never been, defo going to have a return visit!

  2. Hi!
    I see that you are following my I thought I should pop over!
    Those photographs are wonderful...gosh I love Britain!!!
    That sweet little town on the cliff...reminds me of the town where Doc Martin is filmed!
    Lovely blog, Laura!

    Linda :o)

    1. Thanks Linda, yes I have actually been to the place where they film Doc Martin and in my opinion Whitby is much prettier! :)