Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Grand old duke is York

A delayed post but been busy at the antiques fairs! York is a beautiful city and we had a lovely time especially in Betty's Tea rooms. It was like stepping back in time all the ladies were dressed in black and white and the tea was served loose with a little tea strainer! Delightful! Betty's is famous because in the war airmen would sitting downstairs and drink tea and chat, a mirror with their names etched on to it is still there! It crazy to think how life has changed since then!

We were lucky to get a window seat and enjoyed fat rascals and proper English tea! We were shocked to see that later on the queue was around the block to get a table, it proves how amazing the place is!

Another one of my favourite places in York was the Imaginarium https://www.facebook.com/YscHome It was possible the most visually stunning shops I have ever been in, defo worth a look at their facebook page, as it a no photo shop but you can see why, it so lovely everyone would be snapping away and blinding the shop assistances! Its sister store next door The Yorkshire Soap Company is also brilliant, just like a patisserie but with soap!

a good weekend all round x

the fat rascal - I must find this recipe!!

The Golden Fleece is the oldest pub in York and apparently the most haunted (Most Haunted tv show have filmed there!)  I particularly like the cat popping out of the white window!!

The Shambles, a lovely cobbled street full of quirky shops...

Hehe just made me laugh, outside a florist

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